Rebecca & James e-shoot

"She had eyes like sunsets, and every time she blinked it felt like the end of the world, otherwise knows as night."

- Jarod Kintz

Late November 2015 we met beside Samson and Goliath and were greeted by a lovely low winter sun.  The past 3 weekends leading up until then and the weekends after were terrible.  Wild and wet but we hit it lucky.  Beautiful low winter sun, though a very fresh breeze joined in too and froze us half to death.

I had been wanting to shoot beside the cranes for ages and when Rebecca and James got in touch it didn't take much effort to decide where to go.


We even managed to sneak onto some of the Game of Thrones set!

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About me

Memories are made with the click of the shutter. a passing moment is captured in that split second.

Our lives are a journey full of learning and experiences. Some things we chose to do other things we have no control over. People come into our lives and change them forever. They are part of our learning and experiences.

Memories of those times and faces fade with age. That's why making photographs is so important. Photographs capture those moments for ages to come. Words often fail to truly describe those memories. Photographs contain life.

Since my childhood I have loved looking at photographs. Getting

lost in the details as they can take me to places I have never been before.

Growing up hours would have been spent daydreaming about the places

discovered through them. Taking photographs has become more a part of

my life with each passing year.

I want people to get lost in my photographs the way I did as a child. When they look at the images the memories should come flooding back for them. They should tell a story for anybody who looks at the images. It as a great honour to be allowed into people’s lives on such special

days and asked to capture the memories for them.

With a blend of documentary, traditional, & commercial/alternative style wedding photography giving every bride & groom the very best images from their day.

I live in Newtownards, have been blessed with a family and have 3 rather lively kids

to keep me busy. My faith is the backbone of this business. To do

something you love is great and is something to thank God for.