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Engagement Shoot Inspirations

Your engagement photos will be one of the very first statements that you share with your guests about your special day, long before you walk proudly down the aisle in your gorgeous wedding gown, so you want to make sure that they hit the perfect mark: totally representative of you, your fiancĂ© and your relationship, while still being incredibly cute. Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating the engagement shoot you’ve always dreamed of.

Choose A Location With A Special Meaning
It might seem obvious, but sometimes, the best places are right under your nose. You don’t have to go somewhere too obvious, like where you spent you first date, or the location where he proposed. Maybe you enjoy going to the movie theatre together – that would make the perfect backdrop to interesting and original engagement photos! Wherever you choose, make sure that it’s true to you.

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Choose An Activity That You Enjoy Doing Together
Some of the best engagement shoots are the action shots. If you enjoy going to the park and playing a game of pick up soccer or baseball, why not record the moment with a camera? It will look great and really authentic as you and your hubby-to-be get active together. Your personalities will shine right through, as will your love for one another, which will make them even more beautiful.

Natural Habitat
Maybe you are the couple that likes to stay home, cook and watch a couple of movies or read books. Capture that by inviting a photographer into your home to take photos of the two of you being yourselves in your natural setting (you probably want to be dressed in something a little more glamorous than in a pair of sweats, though!). Cook together and snuggle on the couch. Not only will you feel comfortable the whole way through, but the pictures will also be a delightfully personal take on your relationship, because they’ve been taken on your turf.

Find Inspiration
Maybe you and your fiancĂ© share an all-time favorite book, movie or TV show that you’d like to incorporate into your engagement shoot. For a fun little touch, recreate the romance of whatever you’ve chosen by dressing like the characters and find settings similar to that of the movie or book. The theme will give it structure, but it also makes everyone squeal with excitement when they see it. Some great examples we’ve seen in the past are Gone With The Wind, Downtown Abbey and even a Breaking Bad-inspired engagement shoot!

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Get Dirty
Fling mud. Have a paint fight. Throw each other into the swimming pool. If you look like you’re having fun, then your pictures will appear natural and exciting. When you look like you’re enjoying yourself, people naturally gravitate towards you. Your engagement photo will become a wonderful memory for you, and will certainly become a quirky picture loved ones to display in their homes. Everyone wins!

As long as you are participating in an activity that is true to you and your relationship together, then you will see that the pictures will absolutely radiate. Your loved ones will surely be delighted in the original spin you’ve put on your photos and, most importantly, you’ll be happy with the end result. So hang them high and proud, all over your home!

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Memories are made with the click of the shutter. a passing moment is captured in that split second.

Our lives are a journey full of learning and experiences. Some things we chose to do other things we have no control over. People come into our lives and change them forever. They are part of our learning and experiences.

Memories of those times and faces fade with age. That's why making photographs is so important. Photographs capture those moments for ages to come. Words often fail to truly describe those memories. Photographs contain life.

Since my childhood I have loved looking at photographs. Getting

lost in the details as they can take me to places I have never been before.

Growing up hours would have been spent daydreaming about the places

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I want people to get lost in my photographs the way I did as a child. When they look at the images the memories should come flooding back for them. They should tell a story for anybody who looks at the images. It as a great honour to be allowed into people’s lives on such special

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With a blend of documentary, traditional, & commercial/alternative style wedding photography giving every bride & groom the very best images from their day.

I live in Newtownards, have been blessed with a family and have 3 rather lively kids

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